Fast!   Easy!  Utilizes Leftovers!  And Sooooo Good!



Recipe for one

3 or 4 oz of leftover chicken breast

Veggies you have available (I used Roma Tomatoes, Green Pepper chunks, sliced mushrooms,and a large handful of fresh spinach)  onions or leeks would work well too.

2 oz of garlic and herb goat cheese (Aldi has this)

I do not add any spices or flavorings.  The left over chicken may have some as well as the flavoring in the goat cheese and the actual flavors of the vegetables really comes through.

A heaping tablespoon of bacon grease (or could use butter)



Heat bacon grease in skillet

Add chicken

Add all other veggies except spinich

Place goat cheese on top of chicken

Put lid on and simmer for a few minutes

Add spinich and simmer about another minute

Serve and enjoy