OK!  This is the Keto Bread Gold! One Minute Pizza Crust!

(And Sandwich Bread – and Tortilla – and Wrap – and Dessert Base – and – and – and…)

Up until now I have been disappointed in every Keto bread I have tried, especially if I could taste the baking powder.  This Keto Bread can be flavored to match whatever you plan to use it for or use minimal flavoring and refrigerate or freeze a bunch to use as needed.

It’s Fast!  It’s Easy!  It’s delicious! It’s Storable! It’s infinitely Versatile!


1 Large Egg

¼ cup Almond Flour

1 tsp Chia Seeds

1/4 tsp Italian seasoning

A little pink salt

3 tbs Hot Water


Mix in NutriBullet  Or blender

Spread on Medium Round Plate (tap or shake plate to spread)

Microwave for One Minute

Apply pizza sauce and toppings of your choice

Microwave Or Bake In Oven Long Enough To Heat Toppings And Melt Cheese

Alternately, You Can Make the Crust A Rectangular Shape and Heat The

Topped Pizza in The Toaster Oven

When Using this Keto Recipe for a Sweet Snack Or Dessert Add ½ Packet Of Sweet Leaf Stevia (Or To Taste) in place of the Italian Seasoning.