You will love these crispy, fried Brussell Sprout leaves!  Crunchy, delicate and full of flavor.  They go well with the bacon you fry up to get the bacon grease for frying. Who needs french fries when you can have these?


Brussell Sprouts About 6 work well for one person)

Bacon Grease (enough to cover pan 1/4 to 1/2 inch)

Salt and Pepper to taste


You can use a deep fryer or pan fry in a skillet

Cut ends off of sprouts and cut into quarters

Proceed to cut out cores at an angle

Spread leaves from the cut end and separate leaves

Heat bacon fat on high heat

Add Leaves to fat and stir while frying  until leaves are browning and crispy (about 3 minutes)

Remove from grease to plate

Add salt and pepper to taste