This is about the quickest home-cooked meal you’ll ever make, and it looks and tastes like it came from an upscale restaurant.


¼ to ½ pound salmon per serving. Wild caught is best, as is fresh, never frozen.
But if your salmon starts frozen, or is farm-raised, it will still be delicious.
1 tablespoon of jalapeno jelly or commercial teriyaki sauce per serving
Olive oil (for the cooking pan)
½ pint of commercial seaweed salad per serving. I find mine at my local fish market –
I expect that most Asian food stores would have it as well. If you can’t find or don’t like seaweed salad, a spinach salad or mixed baby greens with Italian dressing goes well


Put a generous amount of olive oil in a heavy frying pan.
Turn the heat to ‘high”
Meanwhile, prepare your salmon.
If it has its skin, LEAVE It on! It comes out delicious and crispy.
Rub the jalapeno jelly or teriyaki sauce on both sides of the salmon.
By now, your pan should be beginning to smoke.
Turn the heat down. If you have a gas range, turn the heat to medium. If you have a traditional electric range that cools down quite slowly, turn the heat off.
Place the fish in the pan, skin side down.
Cook about 3 minutes, until you can see the meat nearest the fire turning a lighter pink, and the skin is browned and crispy.
Turn the salmon over, cook another 3 minutes, and remove from the heat.
The salmon will look quite rare, but that’s good. Salmon is commonly used in sushi, and is much better rare. If you are concerned about the doneness, let the salmon rest in the still-hot pan.
If you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and plate it, but be sure to let it rest at least 5 minutes before eating it.
Arrange a generous serving of seaweed salad on the plate, and enjoy.
And that’s it! Nothing could be simpler, or tastier.
Here’s a hint: I don’t add salt and pepper before cooking, because it can mess with the texture of the protein, and texture is a huge part of this dish, but I do serve it with salt and pepper.

Arrange on the plate with the sprig of rosemary and drizzle your favorite dressing on the salad.